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2018 edition

30 nov - 1, 2 dec


Ypres (B)

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Deflandre-Noelanders opens the honours list

The first edition of the Ypres Rally Regularity, the new regularity contest organised by Superstage in collaboration with brothers Bjorn and Jens Vanoverschelde, was a hit.The race remained fascinating until... 



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YPRES RALLY® regularity

On Friday 30th November 2018, SuperStage vzw, organisers of the renowned Ypres Rally, will give the start of the first Ypres Rally Regularity, a three-day regularity rally for historic vehicles homologated between 1950 & 1987. A new regularity rally on the international calendar which reverts to the roots of Ypres' classic rally.

Jan Huyghe, marketing & sales director of SuperStage vzw: "Once competitors of the Renties Ypres Rally & Ypres Historic Rally 2018 have proved their worth in the special stages, on the 1stand 2nd December 2018 it will be the turn of the regularity stalwarts to enjoy a taste of Ypres' atmosphere and ... sportsmanship! On a varied course the competitors will be confronted over three days with the challenges that our area boasts and over the years has made it notorious. Back to the roots, but in a modern context."


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25 March 2018

Regulations available


15 July 2018

Provisional entry list


1 October 2018

One month left to fill the remaining 15 starting places!


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