YPRES RALLY® regularity



Headquarters are based in the historical centre of Ypres. Administrative checks, technical scrutineering, trailer park, trip check, shakedown stage and car park will be organised in the neighbourhood. Each day of competition will starts and ends in the centre of Ypres. It will creates a unique atmosphere and a logistically compact event.


A golden package including hotel accommodation and meals will be available. Please verify regulations for more details.



The route will contains regularity stages on public roads and a few sporting stages on closed roads.

The classification will be established dependent on the performances in the various regularity tests and 'closed road stages'.

A regularity test is held on the open road whereby one needs to keep as close as possible to an average speed.

Per regularity test multiple measuring points will control this. Any deviation will result in penalty seconds being awarded.

A closed road stage is held on a closed terrain and/or road whereby you are given a target time. A measuring point at the end of a closed road stage will record your time. For every second deviated from the set target time penalty seconds will be incurred.


The whole route is fully signposted with tulip diagrams in the road-book including the distances between each instruction. It also includes very useful extra information, such as detailed timings for the day and practical advice about the location of service parks. Distances are quoted in kilometers.

Roadbook & stages remain secret until just before the start.


A 'shakedown stage' will be organised before the start of the first leg. The 'shakedown stage' will contain a regularity stage on public roads and allow crews to train their selves. Maximum 2 runs are allowed. Participation on the 'shakedown stage' is not mandatory and the 'shakedown stage' has no influence on the starting order. Crews who want participate on the shakedown stage must register themselves on the entry form.



The drivers and co-drivers who are holders of a FIA international license 2018 (H4 regularity included) or a license RACB Sport 2018 (national regularity included) or a 2018 national license from a foreign ASN can participate at the event.

The crew members who don't possess a RACB (or other ASN) license, will fill in, the application for a "One Event Pass" permit. The license will be delivered at the administrative check. The crew will be charged 50 € per person to be paid during the administrative checks.


The usage of helmets is forbidden during regularity stages on public roads. During the sporting stages on closed roads, the helmet and seat belts is mandatory for the driver and co-driver. Helmets and seat belts must not follow the FIA-norms.

Service crews

Service, repairs and refueling are permitted throughout the whole event. Specific areas will be recommended in the road-book and a 'service map book' for the service crew will be distributed during the administrative checks.

Each participant who is using a service car must register this service car on the entry form.

In the case of a serious breakdown, competitors may be allowed to restart at the beginning of another section after repairs are completed, incurring corresponding penalties. 



The homologation date of the vehicle by the FIA/CSI must be taken into consideration, not its building year. For vehicles never homologated, the first road registration year will be taken into consideration. The event will allow cars between 01/01/1950 and 31/12/1987.

The cars must be road-legal and have all the necessary authorizations to be used on public road.

A PTH or FIVA-pass is not required.

Distance measuring devices

All kinds of time and distance measuring devices are allowed.