Ypres Rally® regularity 2018
One month left to fill the remaining 15 starting places

It is not only the small children who will be mollycoddled at the beginning of December. In fact, SuperStage vzw will be treating 100 enthusiasts from the regularity world to a first edition of the Ypres Rally® Regularity. The event will enter the books as a sporting challenge in a perfect combination of atmosphere and relaxation. Jan Huyghe, Marketing Director of SuperStage vzw: "We are indeed heading towards the peak of 100 cars that we will be welcoming in the Ypres Rally® Regularity parc fermé. Similar to the glory years, we will be organising the event within the heart of the Ypres rally town, in the shadow of the Lakenhallen. With the competition just over two months away and still one month prior to closing the registrations, there are only 15 places still available. There is therefore some haste in registering if one wants to take on the absolute Belgian top complemented with renowned foreign teams and several recent Ypres Rally® winners..."

Major historic motorsport feast
But there is more! On Sunday 2nd December, when the teams will be tackling the third and decisive competition day, competitors of the Targa Florio Grand Prix will be joining the feast. "The combination of the Ypres Rally® Regularity and the Targa Florio Grand Prix will offer up a historic motorsport feast of some 150 cars in total. A truly major debut of our events. This we are only too delighted to share with other historic motorsport enthusiasts. Access to the event is free and we foresee a free (online) spectators guide with details as to where one can see the competing cars at work, even though the course remains secret right up until the start..."
The Targa Florio Grand Prix is a run with a clearly defined roadbook along the 'Ypres Rally® points of interest' without any time pressure. The competitors will be taking on a course of some 130 kilometres with a car parc and start on the podium in Ypres, a few coffee breaks and in the afternoon a test run on closed roads 'just for fun'. The spread of the course ensures that the course of the regularity competitors does not impede with that of the run and vice-versa. 

The 5 trump cards of the Ypres Rally® Regularity
On the organisational front everything is running smoothly for a competition which as from its first edition is already a candidate for the FIA Regularity Championship 2019. Weeks before the event's kick-off sporting directors Bjorn and Jens Vanoverschelde will be revealing the 5 major trump cards of the Ypres Rally® Regularity. They are eager to divulge more of what they have to offer in the field of atmosphere, competition, roadbook, competitors and ... safety. Definitely to get into the mood ...