YPRES RALLY® regularity

The route will contains regularity stages on public roads and a few sporting stages on closed roads.

The classification will be established dependent on the performances in the various regularity tests and 'closed road stages'.

A regularity test is held on the open road whereby one needs to keep as close as possible to an average speed. Per regularity test multiple measuring points will control this. Any deviation will result in penalty seconds being awarded.

A closed road stage is held on a closed terrain and/or road whereby you are given a target time. A measuring point at the end of a closed road stage will record your time. For every second deviated from the set target time penalty seconds will be incurred.

The whole route is fully signposted with tulip diagrams in the road-book including the distances between each instruction. It also includes very useful extra information, such as detailed timings for the day and practical advice about the location of service parks. Distances are quoted in kilometers.

Roadbook & stages remain secret until just before the start


regularity stage

closed road stage